Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Detoxify Your Make-up Kit!

I recently found this great article from that helps inform people about the toxic chemicals that are in our favourite "Natural" cosmetics.
Check out Detox Your Make-Up Kit: 10 Ways to Avoid Cosmetic Chemicals then look at to see how your favourite brands measure up.  The scale is from 0 - 10, 0 being the best and 10 being the worst.

My favourite brand Tarte rates from 1 to a horrific 9!  Luckily most of their products that I use are a 1-4.  Yikes!
Bare Escentuals rate 1-7!

Another awesome site that helps me choose my make-up and bath products is  The article that I am refering to is "Dirty Dozen", Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid.  I keep this one on my iPod so I can look at it when I'm shopping.

How do your favourite brands measure up?  Are chemicals in your cosmetics an issue to you?

UPDATE: Zillah1199 ( has made a good point.  In my comments she has shared the site that posts articles about ingredients from a different perspective.  Personally I prefer to continue to avoid the "Dirty Dozen" ingredients for more simple ingredients.  Less is more.  Please keep in mind that I do favour more natural alternatives in my life so my option will most likely differ from most people.  I am delighted that Zillah commented with this link because it gives people another side of the story and gets people to think about this subject.  What we put in our bodies and our environment matters and everyone should research these things and form their own opinions.  :D

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