Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HAI!! (Update)

Hello everyone.  I'm dropping in to let you know that I'm still alive.
I have a few collections to show you from China Glaze, and Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, and possibly more!
And guess what? I chopped my claws off.  It was a mutual break up.  I was tired of not being able to use my finger tips and was always paranoid I'd bend a nail and rip my fingers off, and my nails just started ripping little hooks into my nail bed!  YAY!  It was a long run, but I have faith that I can grow them back.

I'm fighting a chest cold and the weather has been horrid.  It's been so cloudy and rainy that I can't seem to get any good photos so I hope I can finish up my pictures and start posting them ASAP!!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I know your feeds are all clogged up with Zoya Spoons... but I see nothing but landfills full of garbage. : /
These spoons are a fantastic idea.  The perfect way to find your colours!  BUT WTF... what a waste of materials and plastic!!  I bet most of these chicks getting spoons that don't keep them for reference are going to throw them in the trash!

image from letsgetgreen.files.wordpress.com

What do I want to see?  Spoon recycling plan.  50cents off your next order?  Fuck that.  You get your 50 cents back when you mail them back to Zoya for other customers to use.

Spread the word if you are at all concerned about this.

I'm sorry... imagining all that waste is depressing the Hel out of me.

Real posts to commence soon.

UPDATE:  After I pretty much spammed Zoya's Facebook with my concern about a recycling program they responded with a hint of something positive to come in the future regarding spoons!  *glee*  Being annoying pays off.