Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moved! And now for the hard part.

Hello boils and ghouls!

I've moved into the new place with Mr. Skulda and are happy with it.  The most difficult part is the chaos we are now trying to sort out.  Unpacking sucks.  I must be a terrible packer.  I managed to label most of the boxes but in the rush to get it done in the POURING RAIN we pretty much just dumped everything into the second bedroom.  Now we must climb over the boxes trying to find the things we need and manage to unpack.  Lots of "where is the dish soap?!", "I don't know, I thought you packed it" and plenty of frustrated bickering.
Ahhhh moving.

Some good new in the makeup world.  I was wanting to buy "Mistress" vegan lipstick by Morgana Cryptoria and asked Melissa if it was possible to to formulate it without the paraben coated mica.  Guess what?  A week later she emailed me back saying that she was successful!  Mistress is now paraben free. :) I'll be grabbing it next payday for sure!

And remember Jizz? Well it's now on sale for $2.99!!!  But unfortunately for this Canadian, they do not ship to Canada.  I has a sad. :(

More to come when our place is less chaotic! <3