Saturday, August 14, 2010

Swap From Rainbows and Blues and more!

Here is the swap from Anček and Kvacka from Rainbows and Blues in Slovenia!

Essence (Show Your Feet) 10 In the Jungle, 53 All Access, 39 Spicy.

Essence (Moonlight Collection) 02 Into The Night, Nail Art Twins in Thelma and Louise!

Magnetic Shimmering Bronze, Spect Stone, and Stripe It in holographic silver glitter. 
My first striper ever!

Catrice - London's Weather Forecast, and I Sea You! S-he in 466, and 500.  Miss Sporty - 60.

Kvacka designs fimo jewellery and she made me a beautiful bracelet!
(wearing China Glaze - Swing Baby)

Check out the cool designs in the beads, not my arm hair.

They put together such a wonderful package for me, I hope they get the one I sent them soon!  :D

I won OPI - Mad as a Hatter from Spa Boutique's Facebook page!  It's pretty awesome because MaaH was sold out and I wasn't able to buy it with Absolutely Alice.  They included some face cream samples. :)

Random picture of the silk wrap kit I bought.  It was the only one I could find and I couldn't find any silk wraps sold separately.  : /
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