Thursday, July 15, 2010

China Glaze - Swing Baby

*Thunder Claps*
Good evening, boils and ghouls and welcome to my third installment of China Glaze's Vintage Vixen Collection!  I am your Hostess, Skulda Blackheart and I am here today to show you Swing Baby!

Natural Light

Flash! Lightning!!  (j/k)

Direct Sun!  So much sun it burns your eyeballs!

You got it, ladies.

This is one of my favourite polishes in this collection.  A light rose gold foil IMO.  It's not a yellow gold, it has more silver and a touch of... rose?  It reminded me of rose gold.  (ok, I'll stop rambling)
This foil is amazing.  Have you noticed how some foils magnify every imperfection on your nails, including ridges even if you use ridge filler?  This one doesn't.  It looks FLAWLESS!  It applied so smoothly I was able to get the polish so close to my cuticles without flooding them.  Swing Baby also dried fast, which was great because I needed 3-4 coats to hide my VNL.  I'm not bitching, this polish was a pleasure to apply, and wear.
Hope you enjoyed!

[This polish was supplied to me by the PR company for review]
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