Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs - Embalming Fluid

Here I am!  Sorry about the delay; I've been sick on an off and couldn't stand the smell of polish and remover.  Today I present to you one of the coolest Glow-in-the-Dark polishes ever.
BPAL - Embalming Fluid!

It glows!!

Single coat in Sunlight.

Embalming Fluid over NYC Frightful Fingers - Franken Slime

Embalming Fluid over white.
This combination is my favourite.  I put a couple coats of Embalming Fluid over a white polish and it had the lovely "glowy" look that it has in the bottle.

Embalming Fluid over the other BPAL colours.
Embalming Fluid on it's own, Destroying Angel, Morgause, MME Moriarty, Bordello, Opium Poppy, Croquet.  The picture should be clickable to expand.

When you click on a picture you can see that Embalming Fluid is loaded with blue, green, purple, and orange iridescent glitter.  Not only does this glowing polish glow like the dickens when 'charged' but it has a unique sparkle to it as well.  Charging is just exposing your glow-in-the-dark polish to light before it can glow.

So far my favourite combination for Embalming Fluid is a few coats over white.  I really like the colour of the polish in the bottle and hope to find a base colour to match it one day.  

Have you tried Embalming Fluid?  If so, what is your favourite combination?

You can get Embalming Fluid at or directly here.
For more swatches of BPAL polishes check out my review here.

Thank you, Puddin', for letting me try out these gems!

[This product was sent to me by the company for review]

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