Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twisted Panties Test Drive Polishes!

The gals Sarah Rowland and Stephanie Mattis give nail polish a whirl in their product testing article for 24hrs News.  The 24hrs is a free newspaper that they hand out near the Skytrain stations in Metro Vancouver.  Sarah Rowland has been writing 'how-to dating' articles for women for a while now.  Her articles are honest, gutsy, and sometimes offend or attract negative feedback by prudish women and pigheaded males.  I like her, I think she is hilarious.  "Twisted Panties" is basically Sarah and her BFF going out and trying out products and give their opinions.
Check it out!  Tell me what you think of their picks!  (BOOO Essie, animal testing Booo!!)  :P

P.S.  I have never seen Bourjois in Shoppers!  I'll have to keep looking.
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