Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spreading the Solstice Scents Love!

My favourite soap company Solstice Scents has graduated from their lovely little Etsy Shop to an even lovelier shop at http://www.solsticescents.com/.

Image is from Solstice Scents.com

My favourite items from them are Spellbound Woods perfume, Enchanted Forest Soap, and Cocoa Mallow Body Ganache.  Enchanted Forest soap must be sold out so that is why there is no link, but it is such a lovely scent.  I think I have photos of one of the bars I have at home so I'll post it later.  I love it so much I've ordered it twice and have used that bar until it was a tiny chip of soap and got lost and probably fell down the drain.  Love it.

Another soap that I have tried of theirs is Dragon's Blood.  It was originally set in a mold with a 3d dragon on top, but as the business grew it just wasn't the best mold to stack and store the soaps.  So now it is back in a standard soap form!  Yay!  This soap is wonderful too.  I love the smell of musky incense so this one is an automatic favourite of mine.

I highly recommend Solstice Scents, so if you're curious about trying them out I suggest ordering some samples.  :)

Every product I spoke about was purchased by ME.  I have posted this to help Solstice Scents promote their new site because *I* love their company and wanted to share them with you.  I won't post anything I don't want to.
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