Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fight like a Woman Collection

Today I'm showing you the Fight Like a Woman collection from China Glaze.  (And yes, I'm late.)

Encouragment - Natural Light, Two Coats
A baby pink how *I* image a baby pink would be.  Nice and pale.  Encouragment has a very pretty shimmer to it but I cannot nail down if it is a glass fleck or just a pale pink micro glitter.  Regardless it is very pretty.
Did anyone else get a bottle that was spelled wrong? Isn't it spelled Encouragement?  Oh well.


 Empowerment - Natural Light, Three Coats
Pastel pink creme.

 Endurance - Natural Light. One Coat
Medium-dark pink with glass fleck shimmer.

So here it is.  My first review for a while!  These polishes were of good consistency that I have come to expect from China Glaze.  I'm a little stunned that I got a one-coater out of these!  I have never had a once coater from China Glaze before.  Bravo!  The pastel was pretty typical of pastels, slightly streaky but I managed.   You might have noticed a slight bubbling in Encouragment and Empowerment, well, that was my fault.  I didn't realise it until I was editing these photos and I know why it bubbled too.  I was helping my friends move that day so my blood was pumping a little harder and it heated my otherwise corpse-like cold hands.  So FYI, the bubbles are not from China Glaze, they are from *gasp* exercise!

I've gotta talk about the names now.  You've noticed the theme.  Was I the only person who thought that calling the Pepto-pink "Empowerment" was totally weird?  Personally I would have swapped the names for Empowerment and Endurance.  It just seems like a better fit to me.

And now I come to the part where I talk about how breast cancer has touched my life.  Fortunately breast cancer doesn't run in my family.  Cysts and lumps in the breasts yes, breast cancer, no.  My Grandpa's second wife, "Grandma Jean" was hit by breast cancer pretty hard.  She had a double mastectomy when I was younger.  It had either spread to both breasts or she was high risk for getting it in the second breast so they removed them both in one go.  My Grandma was so brave.  I remember her joking about getting a Dolly Parton mastectomy bra for when she went out for parties.  She wanted "variety".  :P
I had my own little scare with breast cancer, thankfully it was just a big benign cyst and I had it removed because it felt like the size of a walnut on the upper side of my right breast.  I don't care about the visible scar at all, but now I'm feeling scar tissue develop on the inside of my breast and it makes me paranoid because I can't tell if there is a real lump there.  (I'm a bit paranoid)

ANYWAYS...  heres to the woman and men who who continue to fight for their lives against breast cancer.

[The collection was sent to me for an honest review by the PR company]
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