Thursday, October 7, 2010

Justin Beiber collection from Nicole by OPI.

I'm probably going to lose some fans here, but I have to vent.
I just read the comments on Scrangie's post about Justin Beiber's polish collection and just about vomited in my mouth.

How you HATE a little boy who has done nothing negative.  He hasn't harmed anyone.  His music might annoy you, but you can easily ignore it.  I'm not a JB fan but I find the pure hatred towards this kid disgusting!  IT'S A NAIL POLISH COLLECTION FOR HIS FANS... OH NO!!  HE IS HURTING THE WORLD OF NAIL POLISH.  /sarcasm

Another example:

WTF?  Who throws a solid object at a person's head?  This guy isn't preaching hatred to the masses... he isn't having unprotected sex with your daughters...  He is singing age appropriate music for young girls.

I think the worse part of all this is that harming someone you don't know is considered hilarious to people.  They get off on hurting and insulting others.  Look at the comedy on Fox TV, most of the funny parts are based on insulting and hurting someone.  I wish people realised how much this sort of attitude is hurting society.  People are afraid of each other and what people think and look what it is doing to us a society.  Just look at the news.

/hops off her soapbox and has a Friday doughnut
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