Thursday, February 18, 2010

Email Response

The other day I was cruising my favourite nail polish blogs and I saw a post by Brooke at Getcha Nails Did with swatches of the new Diamond Cosmetics nail varnishes. I went to the site to browse the polish and I noticed the "Sorry we can not ship internationally on orders less than $250.00" in tiny font. *crai*

So I emailed customer service about it, maybe Canada is an acception! (*grin* riiiiight)
I received an email response the very next day, and that is rare for most companies.

"Hi Skulda,
It is true that we do not ship any orders of less than $250.00 internationally. This is because nail polish is classified as a "Dangerous Good." There is a $50.00 Dangerous Goods fee per parcel in addition to international shipping fees.

We do have a distributor in Canada. Below is her contact information. If you have any questions please let me know.
Studio Cosmetics
Attn: Karen Bray1949 Normandeau Rd.
St. Lazare, Quebec J7T 2E6

Thank you,
Marissa Antinelli
Diamond Cosmetics, Inc."

I was very happy with the response. It made me wonder why so many US polish companies do not have this "Dangerous Goods" charge. I'm not questioning the charge, it makes perfect sense. *sigh* I did order some polish from California last week, I sure hope it arrives ok. Maybe there are some acceptions to the rule. *crosses her fingers and prays to the nail polish Gods* ;)


  1. Hey there! Just found out that you have a blog. Would be happy to add it to my list of NBOTB next Monday :)

    happy blogging!!!

  2. Well that was sweet of Marissa to pass on the contact info for the Canadian distributor. She is such a sweetie. Their polish is totally worth it though; good stuff!

  3. Smoochiefrog- I can't wait to try it!


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