Monday, February 15, 2010

First Entry

Greetings to anyone who stumbles across my blog!

Since this is my first entry I will introduce myself.

I will be known as 'Skulda' to you, and who is Skulda? Well, she is a character I play on World of Warcraft. Yes. I am a nerd. Skulda is one of the 'Forsaken', the undead race of the Horde. All undead have what appear to be claws on their hands and toes.

So if you haven't figured it out already, I really like nail polish. I decided after pouring over so many nail polish blogs that maybe I would make one too. I do not have very much money so you will not see me post multitudes of swatches week after week, but I will post images here and there of my nails and the colours I apply to them. I will also mention that I am not a professional nail artist. I'm more of a noob who it trying to improve on my self-done manicures.

So! What brought me to posting today? I was browsing around the interwebs looking at nail blogs when I came across this article on I think I'd liked to get this whole collection. I'm normally not one for pastels, but I think these are adorable! What do you think?


  1. Congrats for your 100 followers ! (101 now ^^)
    Now I know your blog I'll post some comments ... If you accept to get comments from a human warlock xD

  2. OMGS a human?! LOL just kidding! I accept *all* players. ;)

  3. Well, I have rerolled blood elf recently, so I think you forgive me ;)


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