Monday, February 22, 2010

Goodies, and Candy Claws!

Hello everyone!

This morning I woke up to a lovely surprise! A knock on my door dragged me out of bed and I was greeted by the mailman. He brought me two of my interwebs orders!

The first box I opened was from Wicked Soaps. I was really happy to finally get this in my hands. I ordered a jar of Ginger Pumpkin Body Butter Creme and a Pumpkin Cheesecake Lip Luster. And oh man, I had to fight with all my strength not to dip my fingers in that body butter and eat it! The smell and texture is AMAZING! And the Lip Luster? It makes your lips glisten with delicious goodness! I will definitely be raiding her stash again soon, but next time for body oil... maybe Dirty Dreaded Hippy!

In the second box was a fairly random purchase I will admit. I frequent the site Handmade Guru and a small company called Flutterby Beauty was being showcased. I was looking at their site and I came across their perfume oils, and there are TONS of scents to choose from. One caught my eyes - Starry Night (Winter Limited Edition): "Crisp air with faint wood and a wisp of smoke from fires in the distance on a clear night." Now honestly, with a description like that, could you refuse? I couldn't. I love the smell of campfires, and that smell of winter in the air. When I got the bottle I was a tad disappointed, it didn't smell like campfires. But it does smell lovely. It smells more like baking during the holidays and a nice musky clove spice.

The nice thing about Flutterby Beauty is that they included a nice little fabric bag with a couple of samples inside. I received a little jar of Blood Orange Patchouli Moisturizing Body Cream (sooo good), and a little twist-stick of California Gold Solid Lotion Bar. What was cute about the solid lotion bar was that it reminded me a of a tiny deodorant stick. (Don't ask why I thought deodorant was cute)

Anyways, on with my nails!

My husband and I did a lot of house cleaning today and my mani was ruined. So I striped the chipped and pealing varnish of my nails and began looking through my nail polish collection. I was in the mood for something crazy because I am on a week long vacation off work. First I chose my colours: Claire's - "Red Carpet", Wet n Wild Wild Shine - "Wild Orchid", OPI - "Absolutely Alice" from the Alice in Wonderland collection.

I was just going to alternate the colours from nail to nail, but my husband wanted me to try striping my nails with all three colours. I was apprehensive at first, I have never tried free-handing any art on my nails. Yeah, I'm pretty boring. ;) But despite my apprehension I decided "what the hel" and gave it a whirl. Here is how it turned out:


  1. Love the nails and I absolutely love hearing about companies like Wicked- going to have to check it out!

  2. Thanks for the shout out and I'm so glad you're enjoying the body butter and lip balm :)

    Your nails look fabulous, by the way ;-)

  3. Thanks ladies!!
    Wicked- Your stuff is amazing. I'm a customer for life!


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