Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monthly Blarghness

Hello ladies (and gents?).

I'm in a bit of a funk lately, most likely because it's around time for Mother Nature to give me her monthly gift. *eye roll* My skin is driving me crazy, my nails are peeling and super short because they seem to be effected by the weather and my constant hand washing. I don't even know what to put on my nails so they have been naked for the past couple of days.

I'm also frustrated with the stupid mail system. I know I have packages floating around somewhere and I want to know where they are and why they are taking so long! My main concern is CUSTOMS! Did they take my shinies away?! Not to mention that Friday and Monday where holidays so I bet that would have an effect on them.... but I want them nooowwwww!! *whine* I've been waiting on my Konad package from OC Nail Art for over a month (including PayPal echeck clearance) so I'm waiting on Kathleen's reply to see what is goin' on with that. Shame it's the french nail kit, my nails are stubs and I couldn't pull off a french right now if my life depended on it.

Arie!! I saw the lovely award you nominated me for! I'll get to that in a few days, I promise.

Oh... The husband and I finally saw Alice in Wonderland last night. What a neat movie! Did any of you see it?


  1. Stupid mail! What are we going to do when they stop delivering on Saturday? Don't they already get a two hour nap everyday. I saw my mail lady stopped on the side of the road by my house last year smoking and yakking on the phone. Meh,,,And as far as the monthly gift go's I'm expecting the red witch to fly in on her broomstick any minute.....can ya tell.
    Can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland!

  2. HAHA!! The red witch! I like that!
    Hope it's quick and painless!

  3. Hi dear......I hope your packages will come very soon!!!! I know what it is waiting so long for your stuff. Not very nice!!!! They will come I believe in that :-)
    I didn't see Alice in Wondeland yet :-( We should be there awhile ago but it didn't happened yet. But hope too see it real sson. Hey....take care now dear. Big hug...

  4. my packages are floating round somewhere too, & now another package is lost, customs suck.

  5. I thought customs sucked in my county only!! I hope you receive your sparkling packages soon :-)

  6. Hormones suck. Truly. I hate the hormone roller coaster that goes with being female. The rest is awesome, but I am lookin' forward to getting over and done with it...not the process of getting over and done with it though. *sigh*
    I hope you get your shinies real soon and that they put a smile back on your grumpy face. :)

  7. You will LOVE being my age. :) I'm 54 and monthly free. YEHA. I had such an awful time with all of that.
    I've had mail issues before too. I have someone that lives in the next town with MY NAME. Imagine that.
    I haven't seen the movie but will someday.
    Enjoy your day kiddo,

  8. Hi, I nominated you for a sunshine award here: http://homemadenails.blogspot.com/2010/04/sunshine-award.html

  9. Lol with all the replies you got.
    Man, sometimes I wonder how my husband can tolerated me when I have those special days lol.!
    My mail box is dawn since last winter:(, so I have to drag my butt to the mail office several times a week, waaa!!.
    Anyway I haven't been able to do it this week, I am still waiting for one package too :(.
    Hope you feel better and in a great mood the next days, also with nice news from oc nail art.


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