Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh here we go... JOE FRESH.... Nail Polish.

"Polish your spring look with new Joe Fresh™ nail colours? Find the whole collection of 27 shades in stores next week. Great shades for only $4 each."

Yep, for those Canadians who have the Superstore, you are familiar with Joe Fresh. A brand of neat (most of the time) clothing that is affordable! Recently Joe Fresh has added a beauty line of affordable cosmetics and neat bath and body products. Sans nail polish. I just got an email that Joe Fresh is adding nail polish to their stock! I didn't see it on their site *yet* but I have the photo to prove it.

You know I'll be grabbing these and swatching them here and there. I'm not rich, quite the opposite. I'm usually dirt poor all the time wondering WTF my hubby and I are going to eat.
BUT... I'll grab some every time I go to the grocery store. I'll take lots of pics and notes when I see the displays soo..... I'll be interested in SWAPS! Or... should you just want me to buy them for you, I'll do that too. I'd be pleased to help! NEW NAIL POLISH!!

P.S. You might wonder why I buy nail polish when we are kinda poor. I'm addicted and it's my only creative outlit right now. Just little by little... no mega hauls. :s


  1. WoW! It looks like there are some awesome colors there!

  2. This Canadian is happy about this development! Yay! Those pastels look nice. I hope the formula is good.

  3. I'm broke (ok, poor) too, and nail polish is my cheap-ish thrill. Hey, even though our water was shut off for 4 days last week, at least I had some polish to play with (who needs water, anyway? haha). Love these shades - with they were available here in the US!

  4. *gently elbows Brooke*
    Dat is why I said I could grab it for peeps.
    *shifty eyes*

  5. ^^ hahaha :D

    Let me know how your new comment thing works out - I've been half-heartedly considering putting one of those on my blog (it seems like they increase the amount of comments and the ease of responding to comments.) I'd love to hear how you feel about it after a few weeks :)

  6. Pretty colors!:D Too bad we don't have it here in California!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. I can't wait to see the swatches of those!

    And I always say: nailpolish is a poor woman's jewelry.

  8. hmmmmmm, cool! I was hoping they would come out with some polish.

    I do not like those big wide knobby brush handles, I like the thinner Sally Hansen, Hard AS Nails or my precious Billie type of skinny brush handle.

    I hope they 'pop' off like the L.A. colors or Chanel types of lids....

    hmmmmm next week, eh? well i will have to stake out my local Superstore to snag some.

  9. Nice pastels! Hope to see your swatches really sson :-)
    And a great pleasure doesn't have to be expensive ;-)

  10. Hi dear I nominated you for the Sunshine Award. I hope you don't mind.

  11. yay canada! I am planning on getting some of these too!


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