Thursday, May 20, 2010

BB Couture - Impact Driver [Picture Heavy]

A few weeks ago I won a little giveaway from Kim at Overall Beauty's Facebook page.  She wanted to give away a bottle of Impact Driver and I was more than happy to be the fastest commenter.  ^.^

I finally tried it on today and I must say that this was the exact polish I needed on my fingers.  I've been craving a colour like this for a few days now and it only just occurred to me that I had it in my stash.

Flash & Natural Light

Sun Set

Look at the light pink sheen in the bottle!!!

I'm just fawning over it now...


Bottom Shot!

I can't tell you guys how much I needed this polish right now.  I've been a little depressed all week- not sure if it was the weather or what.  I had one some sort of false 'happy' colours that just weren't working for me.  I can't wear something that doesn't suit my mood.  When I put this on not only did I think 'well it's kind of drab like me' but as it was gliding across my nail it started making me happy.  This polish was a dream to apply.  If I wasn't such a thin coater it would have been flawless in two coats.  I did three for good measure.
It's a grey- blue with glass fleck and a very subtle pink shimmer.  (don't worry guys, it's virtually invisible on the nail)

No base coat.  No top coat.  Thats right girls, I'm going (mostly) naked with this polish.  BB Couture boosts a 4 in 1 (base, colour, strengthener, topcoat) a in one and I'm using it to it's full advantage.  It dried to a lovely stain sheen (between matte and gloss) but if I ever get a matte TC I want to try it on this too.

So ladies... the above polish is why I haven't shown you Who the Shrek Are You? yet.

Get your bottle here!
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