Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Update and a Giveaway

I have a few polishes to post this week but I was feeling a little "bleh" this weekend so I never got around to posting them.  I've put myself on a no-buy for a little bit (except polishes I promised to buy for swaps!  Don't worry, I have NOT forgotten.)  I dropped $50 on the Shrek collection and I'll post those as I try 'em.  I'm wearing What's With the Cattitude right now and it's awesome.  It needed about 4 coats and it will probably need a little while longer to cure but I think it's worth it.  Seche Vite has the top layer dry but it's still dentable.

Anyways,  some good news!  Konad-licious is having her first giveaway so I wanted to let you all know.  Go on at take a peek!
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