Saturday, May 8, 2010

OPI - What's With the Cattitude?

 Good morning ladies!

 Above: With Flash
Below: Natural Light

Bottom shot!
I have good and bad things to say  about this polish.
Application was a PITA. It took 4 coats and epic cure time under Seche Vite.  If it wasn't for the protective coat of Seche Vite I would have dents and sheet marks in this beauty.
Now for the GOOD.
This polish wear was amazing.  By morning it was solid. 4 mornings later... NO TIP WEAR... no chips... no cracks... perfect like the first day I wore it.
Now as someone who has not really owned a real pastel other than Banana Bandanna *cough* I'm totally happy I bought these.

Tomorrow I will be snapping pics of the Paper Chasing that will (hopefully) be traveling the world thanks to the genius idea by Annie of NAILSTAH!
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