Thursday, July 15, 2010

China Glaze - Atlantis

Hey everyone!
This is the manicure I wore on Mister and Misses Skulda had their first wedding anniversary!
We were married June 26th, Frigga's Day 2009.
Atlantis was a lemming of mine for a while and I finally broke down and bought it last month.

Natural Light
Even in natural light is it so full of win!

Direct Sun
Pardon the "lobster hand" and slight blurriness, but look at the chunky holo glitter!!

Bottle Butt!

Ahhhh... more blingy goodness.  Sooooo worth the money.

The hubby and I went out for delicious sushi and I tried hot sake for the first time.  Yeow!  It's good stuff!  When we got married I wore China Glaze DV8 on my toes.  I wore the same pedi with Atlanis for our anniversary and they matched pretty good.  My Mom bought the DV8 never hearing of China Glaze before to match my wedding dress.  I had never heard of China Glaze either, it it remained my first China Glaze for a long time until I finally came across all you lovely bloggers.

Random Awesome song:

I love Agalloch.  They are easily one of my favourite bands.
The name of the song is kind of related to the polish.  ;P
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