Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miss Sporty - 60

Today I will be showing you Miss Sporty #60.
The lovely Anček and Kvacka from Rainbows and Blues sent me this beauty along with quite a few others from Slovenia.  I'll show the entire bundle soon!

Natural Light
Direct Sun. (clicky for close-up)

I'm still wearing this polish.  It's a beautiful blue-turquoise with a green shimmer.  It even had a wide brush in the little bottle for better application. *glee*  It was a little sheer but 4 thin coats later it's magic.  So worth it!  I love this polish and the cute little gumball bottle is comes in!

Now for a little whine session.
I trimmed my nails down (as you can see) because my index and thumb nails tend to warp when they get longer.  I'm not sure why, maybe I clench my fists in my sleep and it shapes them weird... but anyways.  I trimmed and filed them down.  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't do such a poor job on my right hand.  I cut my index finger and thumb too short.  :(   Guess I'm all whiny because I loved the length I had going for me and now it will take longer to grow my nails out because of my blunder.  I wish I was ambidextrous.
world's smallest violin

I think I'm going to put silk wraps on my problem fingers to see if that reinforcement prevents them from warping.  Anyone have trouble with this?
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