Monday, July 19, 2010

SpaRitual - Flashback

Here is one of my new Summer favourites, SpaRitual - Flashback!
Honestly, I hate the name.  Flashback?  To what? Lighting forrest fires?  Something like 'Electric Orange' seems a little more suiting IMO.

Natural Light


Direct Sun

I didn't include a flash picture because the flash pulled out too much yellow and made it look wrong.  This neon is really awesome and really draws attention!  I will say that this took 4 coats and still has minor VNL.  Though you can only really notice the VNL if you are staring straight at it long enough to get over the shock of how incredible this polish is.  I am still on a search for my perfect nude polish to match my skin to put under semi-sheer polishes and in this case, neons!  This is my current mani and pedi.  ;)
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