Monday, July 5, 2010


It's Monday morning and now that I have my wonderful green tea energy drink, all is right with the world!
I have a tonne of photo editing to do tonight including the BB Couture Saints of Ruin collection and a few others.  I hope the photos turned out ok because yesterday it was kind of cloudy.  If the effects of the polish don't show up I'll redo the collection on a sunny weekend.  I am also a few bottles into the Vintage Vixen collection and so far I am very happy with the results.  I won't be posting them in a huge glob, maybe polish by polish so people aren't overwhelmed.  I think I'll do a collection posting with all of them closer to the public release date for reference.  :)  Sound ok?

In health news my doctor doesn't have a solid reason why I've been weak, etc.  She thinks it's from depression and my "brain isn't getting enough 'good stuff'" meaning serotonin.  So she has doubled my Effexor XR dosage (for my anxiety attacks) which makes me a little unhappy since the side effects of the drug are irritating.  (Restless leg syndrome, ultra vivid dreams, sweats, weight gain  UGGHH)  I was actually attempting to get off the stuff a few months ago but the withdrawls were too hardcore to handle.  Wonder why I want off it... hmmm...Regardless, I think it might be working.  I didn't sleep all weekend like I have in weekends past and I didn't feel *as* weak as I normally did.  So dispite the fact that I hate this drug it's helping me so I'll deal with it a bit longer until life gets a bit easier and go from there.

In swap news!  I have sent off all parcels minus one headed for Slovinea and the wonderful girls of Rainbows and Blues.  One polish that I really want to include in their package is out of stock in all stores in my area and I've been hounding the HELL out of the beauty clerks to get their shippment in.  I mean serious, over a month?  Give me a break!  I also need to get a larger box for their phat lewts because all the goodies I have for them cannot fit in any of the little boxes that I have from previous swaps and orders.  So that is saying something.  *glee*

AND!!  I will be having a giveaway to my readers.  I am collecting odds and ends and will announce it soon.  But there is a catch....
I'm not making my giveaway public and it will not say "Giveaway!" in the subject line to attract new followers nu-uh.  It is meant for my loyal readers and it isn't going to be blogged about or advertised in any way.  In fact, that is going to be one of my very strict rules.  I'm doing this for YOU!  Not for people who join blogs for giveaways, and not to get more followers.  I plan to have it open for a week so people who don't check blogs out every day can read my entries and see it and get a chance to enter.
Sound fair?  Am I a big fat meanie?
Keep checking in to see when it starts!
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