Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cookies N Nails

The other week Brooke from Polishing Off posted about making cake mix cookies. I gave it a try. They look and taste awesome. Thanks Brooke, you have a baking fan. :P

These are made with lemon cake mix, but you can use any cake mix!

Two weeks ago I won a giveaway from Travels With Euridice and the package arrived yesterday! *eee!* One of the prizes was China Glaze - Spin Me Round (pictured above).
I also received the Milani 3D Holographic collection! I will swatch the prizes this weekend! :D
Thanks again, Liz!


  1. MMMmmmm, eat cookies and lick polished finger. Don't forget the milk!

  2. Sylvia,
    Oh you have to lick your fingers clean! They are covered in icing sugar! And I had them with tea. :)

  3. That makes me hungry! They look delicious.....!!

  4. You just made the hunger kick in... My stomach was talking to me and now it's yelling. LOL!

  5. Romika & Lissi,

    Sorry gals! ;P

  6. LOVE this polish so much!! It was sold out when I wanted to get it. Yummy cookies too!!

  7. Your nail polish coordinates nicely with the tempting cookies. <3

  8. Ooh, yummy cookies and yummy polish!! Yay! It looks GORGEOUS on you!! I am glad you received everything okay. Thanks for entering my giveaway!!


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