Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Eh, lets try and keep the nail blog drama to a minimum.

These are nail blogs. They are here for fellow nail enthusiasts, not to lynch other bloggers and stir up even more problems.

If something offends you, don't get all upset and start writing nasty stuff about them. Email them and let them know that something they said may be taken in the wrong context and/or offend people.

I think that is all I'm going to say on that matter.

I enjoy reading blogs because it entertains me and makes me happy. It helps me take my mind off the stresses of everyday life and puts me in a good place. I just hate seeing things blow up on my Blogspot Dashboard. I have enough headaches.

Keep chillin' ladies.


  1. I don't really feel like going into it. Chances are by the end of the day you will know about it from other blogs you follow.

    It basically had to do with someone using a word that offended someone, and someone went on a huge rant about it on their blog and now it's a friggin' tiraid.

    My head hurts from seeing too many chicks bickering about it on blogs and message boards. *sigh*

  2. I can't believe the drama that has been happening lately in the community. I feel that this tiraid post that you are referring to was justified, granted that it was a little strongly worded. I am going to be avoiding the nail boards today nonetheless, I am busy anyways!

  3. Gildedangel- I just think there is always a better way to handle problems and this was the WRONG way to handle it. It reminds me of highschool cat fights. :(


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