Sunday, March 21, 2010


UPDATE: Romika was able to locate an email address off the blog and contacted the blogger and the comment issue has been resolved. Thank you to everyone who helped out. :)

Polish Serenity is going to have her first giveaway soon and no one can comment! I wish she knew her comments are broken! This is bad. :(

We need more people to blog about it and hopefully she will see it to be able to fix it! Thess from The Nail Farm has already blogged about it and the word needs to be spread. We need to help a fellow blogger out! She doesn't read my blog so she won't see my entry. :(


  1. I tried to comment on her blog today and also was unable!

  2. Hi Skulda,
    I sent you mail.
    I found an emailadress of her.
    I cc you in my mail.

  3. Oh, so that's what the problem is, I tried for about ten minutes to comment last night, but was unable to :( I thought my computer had gone bonkers again.silly me...I hope the problem gets fixed :)

  4. I hope you can keep us posted. I too have tried to comment on her posts, and would really like to know when things are up and running.



  5. Romika found an email address on her blog! Boy that makes me feel silly that I didn't find it. Everything should be fine now! :D

  6. Hi Skulda, I am glad Romika finally contacted her.
    I have been dealing with my blogroll wich accidentally erased my self :(, trying to add a new blog which at the end I couldn't, anyway I was a mess.
    You are a sweet and caring blogger!.

  7. Hi!

    I'm sorry. I'm a complete tech idiot. I figured out the problem and it's all good!

    It's awesome to see how many nice people there are in the world!

    Cheers! ^^


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