Monday, March 29, 2010

What has Happened to my Luck?

I seem to have won 3 giveaways in the past couple months including today. To prevent empty polish bottles from being thrown at me by my fellow bloggers I'm going to stop entering them for a while. I will still throw the good word out to you guys here and there regarding the ones I see so you guys can enter them. Maybe I'll make a contest bar on the side of my page. Any suggestions?

I feel a little weird about my blog having more giveaway advertisment than actual posts!

These are the giveaways I have won:
- Holla for Holos from Travels With Euridice. A blog updated by Liz from the US.
- Friday Follower Freebie from Body ad Soul Beauty. A blog by Mary in Michigan US. (I hope this one didn't get lost in the mail! That would be sad.)
- Foil Giveaway from PolishedSis, a blog contributed by two sisters, Inge and Sharon who live in HOLLAND! Awesome.

If you don't follow these blogs already go take a look. I enjoy reading them all. :)
And I want you know know I didn't cheat, or do anything special to win any of these. It looks like I just had luck on my side.


  1. You lucky bastard,LOL!Congratulations! I guess blogging solely about giveaways did bring you some good things, tight?:)I'm looking forward to your foil manicures!

  2. What what a winner you are. :) Of course you didn't cheat.
    Love your blog,

  3. LOL! Don't hit meee! *cowers*
    I never win anything an never expect to.
    I can't wait to finish getting stuff for a giveaway of my own together. Hopefully when it isn't "giveaway season". :P

    ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR PRODUCTS FOR A GIVEAWAY TELL ME!!! Either in a comment for an email. :)

  4. YOUR going to have a giveaway?????????
    I'm LOLing about the lucky bastard comment. HA HA.
    How about nail polish. LOL! Zoya Remover? Konad stuff?
    A trip to Disney world. :)

  5. You's a lucky duck! :)I'd like cash please!

  6. Lol, me too I feel like my blog is a giveaway blog ^_^.
    I also won 3 giveaways so far yay! still waiting for one :( hope didn't get lost.
    Suggestion for giveaway mmmm.. fimo decorations?, candy? ^_^.

  7. You lucky girl! i haven't won a giveaway yet, I've been entering since ages! I won a contest recently though, But my luck with packages is sucking hard recently, I'm pretty sure this one will get lost too :(
    In the past month, 4 packages I was supposed to get have been lost :(((((

  8. I don't enter much giveaways...So no wonder YOU won all these :D haha!! ;)

    I think a content in the sidebar about giveaways would be nice!!

  9. Rhea: That is terrible. I've had a $60 moneyorder that I was sending to a company go missing in the mail. I was pretty mad. I wish I kept the receipt. :(

  10. Oh, BTW, I received my kickback, thanks! oops! Lol! Just kidding. That's really cool to win 3 giveaways!! Congrats!! I think you'll have plenty of posts showing off the polish you won!! :-) Thanks for the shout-out.

  11. Congratulations on winning so much! But don't be ashamed of it. No one should be throwing anything at you. You enter just as much as anyone else. You are just lucky!

    But I do recommend the sidebar. There are just too many giveaways out there. LOL!

  12. I've been trying to figure out why you haven't been entering giveaways lately!! hahaha you are one lucky duck.

    (so, lets not tell anyone... you enter giveaways on my behalf and we'll split the loot. sound good?) ;) lol. Maybe with all this luck you should go play the lotto or something!


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