Friday, March 5, 2010

Nubar Chocolate Truffles

I have no idea how long this collection has been out, but it makes my mouth water!

Image from

I want this collection so bad! Does anyone know where to buy this in Canada? Or has anyone purchased Nubar from an internet company that isnt

I only ask because they wont ship to Canada, and the 'Canadian distributors' won't reply to my email. Nice customer service, huh?


  1. Skulda, do you facebook at all? They have a fan site, maybe you can find out answers there? If you don't FB, I am happy to ask for you.

  2. Elizabeth: I do have a FaceBook, I'll add them if I haven't aready. The problem I find with some companies is that there is a "dangerous goods" tax on some nail polish when it crosses the boarder. Some companies do not have problems with this, but some just avoid it like the plague.
    I'm not sure what the guidelines with this "dangerous goods" thing is, but some companies just don't bother to avoid the hassle.

  3. I've shipped nail polish to Canada without paying any "dangerous goods" fees...hope they don't arrest me!

  4. Nah they wouldn't. I think the danger might be large quantities breaking and leaking, but don't quote me on that. A gf of mine has sent me nail polish from the US before.

    Did you list the nail polish on the customs form?


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