Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First BB Couture Polish

Finally! Some pics to post.
Yesterday I received my first BB Couture polish in the mail. I ordered from Overall Beauty.com. Now I realise I completely suck at taking pictures of my own hand, and it doesn't help that it's always night time when I decide to paint my nails and take photos. And to all you long-nailed ladies, don't make fun of my stumpy nails, I had to cut them again last week because they are kind of brittle. /ramble

BB Couture - "Dragon's Breath":

Above and Below: Since BB Couture advertises a 4-in-1 (base, strengthener, colour, top coat) I didn't apply a base coat, and in these photos I am not wearing a top coat. Again, I'm sorry the lighting isn't capturing the colour of this polish properly.
Dragon's Breath is a gorgeous red/purple jelly based polish with red glitter, and a very subtle silver glitter mixed throughout.
Since all glitter nail polish tends to dry a little gritty for me, I decided to finally use my Seche Vite (pictured above) to make it nice and glossy. I've never used Seche Vite before and I was thoroughly impressed at how fast it dried and at how smooth it cured.

In my box I received some free samples from Kim at Overall Beauty. A sample sized mineral eye shadow in 'Prince' and some really nice quality nail clippers with a file. Not pictured are the nail clippers since I put them straight in my purse since I never have nail clippers or a file when I need them!

Pictured above and below: Overall Beauty Mineral eyeshadow in 'Prince' is a dark purple eyeshadow with excellent pigment.

I dipped my finger in the pot and that is the colour!
I was very pleased with the customer service from Kim at Overall Beauty and I love my BB couture polish so I know I will be returning to order more.
P.S. I will do my best to remember to get some daylight photos of this colour as I am a bit disappointed in how these photos turned out.
P.P.S I finally figured out how to set up the Blogroll feature, and don't be insulted if you don't see your blog on there! I just figured it out today so just drop me a line and I'll add you! :D


  1. Figuring out how to take photos drove me nutz - these look good - don't worry!

  2. Yeha, these photos look great! :)

  3. Kim at OB is great, isn't she?
    Your pix are great. I enlarged them and they looked even better!
    I am drawing up an order for 3 BB polishes and torturing myself with which ones to get.
    Have you seen the new butterfly collection? And the ladybugs? Wow. But I'd love Dragon's Breath as well. And Fairy Blood. And lots of the men's polishes. Drat.

  4. Jaljen-
    I have seen the butterfly collection. I want them ALL!! >.<
    I have the same problem. My wishlist on OB is massive. I'd have them all if I didn't have that stupid adult responsibility thing going on... bills and rent... *sigh*


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