Saturday, March 20, 2010

Salley Hansen FAIL

Sally Hansen, I got beef with you!

Picture taken by Corey Williams.

This is the SECOND Xtreme Wear polish that has been gloppy and messy and streaky and just plain nasty. I used "White On" for a base colour for my awesome Rescue Beauty Lounge - "Square Pants" that Brooke from Getcha Nails Did was sweet enough to send me as a swap. (Which I still need to choose some colours for her! I have not forgotten!)

NOTE: I am not angry about the yellow colour on top, I'm PI$$ED about the yucky white underneath. It applied like year old white-out. It looks like I applied while drunk. It was so hard to handle and the brush was flimsy, thin, uneven.
The yellow on top is RBL - Square Pants. It applied very nicely. The brush was nice. It wasn't streaky. No complaints. I put the white underneath because Square Pants is a sheer, and I wanted it opaque. The White by Sally Hansen = fail. I didn't even bother cleaning it up before snapping photos. Nope, I wanted to show it in all it's gooey glory.
And yes, the pictures are dark I took them in my bathroom because it's 11:30pm and there is no sunlight to be had. And yes, my fingers look like they have a major case of lobster hands. I was steam cleaning the carpets today and doing some WoW raiding so the blood was flowin' and my skin is pale and transparent so when the blood is pumping you can actually SEE the veins. Makes for a lovely photo, no?
So it brings me to this: I want suggestions for sheer undercoats. What do you use to make a sheer opaque? I don't want "white" or "nude". Tell me what you like to use. What brand and colour? Last time someone told me "white" I stupidly chose Sally Lameson Xtreme Fail and came out with the above.


  1. Oh dear. Well, two coats of Zoya Get Even is a great base. I use ridge filling base coats when I need opacity. They are milkier and lighter than a white polish. I've also used Brucci 2 in 1 Nail Perfection. I've had tip pull with that base, but wrapping the tips helps. I prefer the Zoya.

  2. Thank you for the awesome tip! I'll give this a try, I appreciate it. :)

  3. hmmz....Sally...
    I love the yellow rbl though!!!

  4. The yellow is pretty...hope someone has a good tip for you!

  5. I use Diamond Cosmetics "Nice n Naked" it's a nude that isn't quite my skin tone, but definitely allows the color on top shine through without interference.

  6. Wahaha!I like the bull! (or is it a cow?)I would also go for a ridge filler, like the one from Seche Vite.
    I do like the yellow polish though;-).


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