Sunday, March 7, 2010

Work Friendly Polish


I am at a loss for figuring out 'work friendly polish'. I LOVE colourful and flamboyant colours on my nails, but it probably isn't a great idea when you are a receptionist for an architectural office. *sigh* I think the only work friendly colour I have is.. well... OPI "Sheer" Your Toys. It's a very pale frosted grey-purple colour. Oh wait, nm, I have a frosted pale blue that I've been told is "ok" for work, Pure ICE - "Splash".

I need help picking colours that would be suitable for the workplace. I have plenty of greens, blues, glitters, purples, reds.... well.. lots of vibrant colours that I think make my boss cringe. And when I go shopping for nail polish the pinks and reds that polish brands favour seem really... ehhh... boring.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Link me photos of your favour work manis!


  1. Try to look for colors with dusty tones, they tend to look more professional! ;)

  2. I am so bad at this...but then, I work at a CPA firm and they let me have purple hair (it's not as obvious as you picture) and wear whatever polish I like. I would suggest just about anything Essie makes. ;P Not a slam, she just knows her 'professional' colors. Taupes are good (I am not moved by them) and reds are always ok. Zoya Harley is a beautiful lavender gray.

  3. What about a subtle holo, like Color Club-Worth The Risque, or Color Club-Fashion Addict?
    And mauve? Like Essie-Santa Fe Mauve?Or OPI-You Don't Know Jacques?:)Or just ask your boss for advise,LOL;-). Bring your stash to work, and let him/her choose;).

  4. GildedAngel: I will. It's funny how difficult it is to find a nice soft mushroom-y colour.

    Liz-ard: I am so jealous. >.< I'll see if I can find a shop that sells Zoya! Thank you for the suggestion.

    Mani Time: I have OPI YDKJ, it actually comes out as more of a dusty chocolate colour on me. I wonder if my bottle was a boo-boo. I'll check out your suggestions at lunch today! Thank you!


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