Thursday, March 18, 2010

Polished Serenity

Ok, this is driving me CRAZY! Polished Serenity's blog posts are bugged. I've never been able to comment on her posts... and she has 17 followers and ZERO comments!! I can't find anyway to contact her regarding the problem because she doesn't have any contact info posted! :(
If she is following any of your blogs, maybe someone can post about it and she will see it? that would be really sweet. I'd hate to think that she thought her posts weren't comment worthy.


  1. You are right Skulda, I went here and the same I couldn't post a comment!:(
    I really hope somebody can tell her about it.

    Also today I went to Keisha's
    (, and tried to add her to my blog roll unsuccessfully :(, maybe it's blogspot?!, I will try tomorrow.


    I will try...
    I thought she was following me, we will see...=)


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