Friday, March 5, 2010

Nubar Going Green

I am also looking for this collection:

image from

Any help with getting this Canuck some Nubar would be awesome. Sites with PayPal are a plus!


  1. in the picture wildlife looks like a duochrome that shifts from brown to green i was so excited about it like a leaf i thought but on the nail it is mostly purple most of the time ---- reclaim is the ultimate green holo

  2. Peri: Really? The picture makes it look like a bronze with a green duo effect! Maybe it needs a special coat underneath. We will have to experiment! :D

    *pst* I saw a fauxnad plate from Chez Delaney (*points to the link at the right side of her blog*) that has a leaf vein design! It's to-die-for! :D

  3. Ppfff, they are lovely!
    Only way to get them over here in the netherlands are via evil bay.. >;)


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