Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Mani Fails [Picture Heavy]

Ok, this isn't going to be a pretty posting. Not fishing for complements, I guess I'm looking for some advice. I attempted my first water marble mani tonight and it was all going great until I put on my topcoat. What I thought were just water droplets on the tops of my nails were actually little tiny bubbles under my marble. When I applied my Seche Vite the bubbles popped exposing the undercoat and basically ruining what I thought was a great first try, and an okay Easter mani. (I don't have many pastels)

You can kind of see the little holes in the colouring exposing a pale undercoat.
I used "Sheer" Your Toys by OPI as my undercoat since I don't have a good white base. I used OPI's Plugged-In Plum, Suzi Says Feng Shui, and Jade is the New Black as my marbling colours.

Close-ups of the bubbling on my thumbs.

(NOTE: The bubbles were not in the water before I dipped my fingers in. I was watching out for that. These bubbles happened after the marble pattern was already on my nail.)
So I stripped it all off and thought. "Hey, I'll use those Milani Holos I won from Euridice's giveaway and just skittle them." Well, it turned out better in my head.

It doesn't look terrible, but I just wasn't that into it. Maybe the colour order was off... I don't know. Maybe I was just too disappointed in my water marble. So I stripped it all off and I'm going naked tomorrow. *big sigh*
Any tips on the water marbling would be awesome. Has anyone had trouble marbling? Any colours you enjoy marbling or doing skittles with?
And yes... I'm still doing polish reviews this weekend. u.u


  1. I really liked your marbling!! The color blend well together, and what's wrong with your holo skittles?! They're so cute and fun!!! =D

  2. I have yet to attempt the water marbling. But that's not that bad! And I like the skittles!

  3. It's not that bad!:D And hey, practice makes perfect!:D

  4. Beside the bubbles, I think you marble looks very pretty, seriously!I've never tried it, so no idea what caused the bubbles.
    And I also don't see anything wrong about you skittles!They're cute!

  5. I haven't tried water marbling yet but from what I read, some colours and formulas just work better than others and it's a matter of trial and error.

    It still looks great though!

  6. I think you did a great job on both manis...I've never done marbling before but maybe you need until the polish and any excess water is dried before painting on your topcoat?

  7. You did great, but I understand your frustration, when it turns out great you don't want anything to mess it up so bubbles suck!
    I just keep watching Colette's videos and each one teaches me a little more. This one she pops a bubble before dipping her finger in.

  8. Thanks ladies! I still went naked anyways. I guess I'm just moody with my polish today. :P

    Liz: I watched her videos too, and I had very little problems with bubbles in the water. These bubbles showed up *after* they were already on my nail.

  9. I think those colors were PERFECT for water marbling. p.s. I'm jealous that you have all the milani holos! :P

  10. Man, I should really try water marbling one of these days...

  11. How many drops of polish did you use? I got bubbles on my nails when I used to much drops. Now I only use pa couple.

  12. I know you're not fishing for compliments, but honestly, this looks AWESOME. First try?? wow! I'm posting my water marble fail (and mine REALLY is a fail) right now... and its sad. Should make you feel better about yours, because it is really pretty kick-butt, IMO. My first two tries, I got bubbles - this time I didn't.. weird? I don't know why that is though, because like you said, there were no bubbles in the water. Perhaps the bubbles are from the type of polish? also, I know when I did it before I used a lot more polish - and this time I didn't use much. So maybe the more polish, the more bubbles? I like your Skittles too!!

  13. ok, I am not going to compliment this one:(.
    I don't know nothing about water-marbling, I have to try it one of this days.
    I will compliment your holos! ^_^ super pretty!

  14. Hey! Sorry you had a bad experience with your first marbling attempt. I've only done it once and didn't have a bubble problem. Maybe the base coat wasn't dry yet before you dipped in the water? Or maybe there is something in the base color's formula? I hope you'll try a marble again.

    All that aside, I love the color combination. I would have never thought of that. But those colors work well together!


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